MAGIC Fabric Gold Kit :

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Magic Fabric Gold Repair Kit : Includes the following products = (16)- 2oz. jars of assorted Fabric Fibers: This kit should have all the colors you'll need to match just about every cloth, velour and fabric color you can think of. (1)- Spray Unit and mixing jar with lid used to apply spray adhesive. (1)- Screen Shaker used to sift and apply repair fibers. (2) Brushes used to remove excess fibers and soften repair. (1)- 2oz. Bottle of Spray on Adhesive used to attach fibers to fabric. (1)-Roll of Mesh Underlay used as a sub-patch under damaged fabric. (1)- Pallet Knife used to spread repair glue. (1)- Tube Clear Repair Base Glue used to hold base fibers, this glue is the key to an invisible repair. Instruction Manual with step by step instructions and tips. Access to online help pages. NOTE: Fabric fibers are very light in weight, so a 1oz. of fibers can repair between 25-35 holes! This product has (16) jars of fibers, you do the math this product will last and last! Containers may differ from photos, but the product remains the same!

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