MAGIC Mega Combo-Kit:

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Magic Mega Combo-Kit - includes the following products (1)- electric two setting heat gun 572 F low and 1112 F high degrees. (4)- grain texture pads. (1)- roll of mesh sub-patch used to add support to repairs. (2)- rolls of mini-mesh to give repairs added strength. (1)- 2oz. jar repair compound for repairing leather, vinyl and canvas. (1)- pallet knife used to spread repair compound even. (1)- 2oz. bottle of high gloss clear topcoat. (1)- 2oz. bottle of low luster clear topcoat. (1) package - pipe cleaners used to clean spray unit. (6)- 2oz. bottles of water base dye,(1) green,(1) red,(1) yellow,(1) blue,(1) black and(1) white. (12)- jars of assorted colored fabric fibers used to mix almost any standard or custom colors. (3)- paint brushes, (1)- screen shaker/sifter. (1)- tube fabric base glue, (1)- 2oz. bottle of spray adhesive. (1)- spray unit used to dispense dye and glue with mixing jar and lid. (1)- instruction manual with access to our on-line help page.

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