MAGIC Small Shot Kit:

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MAGIC SMALLSHOT KIT : Includes the following products= (1) small jar of Repair Compound for repairing your leather , vinyl and canvas damage. (1) Pallet Knife used to spread compound evenly over your repair. (6) small containers of Dye, (1) White, (1) Black, (1) Red, (1) Yellow, (1) Blue, (1) Brown, this dye is a water-based system for easy cleanup, the dye is permanent and wears great on all fabrics. (1) double sided Grain/ Texture pad use to embed grain into repair matching your Grain/Texture pattern. One side is deep grain, the other is a light grain. (2) Brushes used to apply dye. Dye can be mixed together to achieve almost any custom color match you may need. (1) small roll of Mini-Mesh used for larger rips for support and to prevent sagging. (1) Detailed Instruction Manual with online help page with some tips & tricks to make your repair process easy and even enjoyable! This kit will need a heat source (heat gun) to cure compound, so if you own one great, or borrow one from a friend. You can rent one very cheap from a hardware store or rental center.

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