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 Watch as I make the rip in this seat cushion vanish! 




The truth about leather and vinyl repair:

Those dazzling AS SEEN ON TV informercials make it look like the little jars of colored vinyl repair compound can fix just about anything. The truth is not quite as dazzling! Some repairs are as easy as the commercials depict, however most repairs actually require a bit of time and patience. Depending on the extent of damage, some repairs will require a sub-patch material (never mentioned) to support and strengthen the damaged area.


Then there's the color matching process:

Probably the trickiest step of all in the upholstery repair process is color matching! We will save you the headache by using our link on color matching help. Even if your color is not an exact match, you can blend the color into the surrounding area. This will make the repair invisible, or at the very least less noticeable. This is a time tested old painters trick! You will not be able to do this with those little jars of colored compound. With our kits and supplies if you need a custom color, you will be able to mix it to match your fabric.


Not all upholstery repair kits are created equal:

Contrary to what you may read on other web-sites, or seen on tv most upholstery can be repaired with just a few simple products. The most important point is a properly prepared surface. A professional quality repair compound is the key. You also need a quality dye and finishing coat. All this is not much help without an easy to understand instruction manual. Our kits contain all these things and much more! We give you everything to make professional looking upholstery repairs at just a fraction of the cost! 




Are these repairs permanent? 

Yes. The magic repair compound is formulated to bond to leather and vinyl. Our dye will wear the same as the origional color coating. It will last depending on wear and tear, and how well the material is taken care of. Your repair should last for the years to come!


Will I really get professional results?

You bet! The repair compound and dye that comes with your kit are the same as I use in my daily restoration business. I have been using these products for years, with fabulous results. As long as you follow the instructions, you'll obtain the same results that I have professionally!


How easy is it?

Our kits are incredibly easy to use. Even if you make a mistake on your first try, don't worry! The worst mistake you can make is applying too much compound. That is easily fixed by wiping the surface clean with a rag, and rubbing alcohol until it is smooth again.


Can I repair leather shoes and jackets?

Yes. This repair process will work great on these items. You can even change the color of your leather shoes! Always make sure you clean the area you intend to re-dye really well. 


Do I need any special cleaners or conditioners afterwards?

No special cleaners or conditioners are required after you finish your repair. However you should not use any cleaners that contain ammonia or solvents and conditioners with silicone in them. Warm water is all you really ever need! 


How long does a upholstery repair take to complete?

The average repair, from start to finish will take around 15 min.. This of course will very due to many circumstances, size of repair, weather conditions (If you are working outdoors) etc...


Will I be able to match the color?

Yes. By mixing our dyes together, you will be able to make a custom color matching virtually any color you will need. The colors chosen to make up these kits have been selected to enable you to match most any of the common colors of todays leather and vinyl finishes. This will make the task of color matching much easier. Everyone has the ability to determine different shades, the only thing that is really needed is a little bit of color matching help. This color matching help is provided in the manual and on the web-site.


Are these chemicals hazardous?

No. All the products in our kits are a water based mixture. There are no solvents or hazardous materials present in any of our kits. All products are environmentally friendly. There are no harsh odors or vapors to cause you any concern or discomfort.


How do you tell if the material is leather or vinyl?

Please keep in mind, that the majority of upholstered furniture and automotive seats will have leather on the seating areas, but will also have vinyl trim on the sides and or on other areas of the upholstery. This may make the job of identifying your material a bit more difficult. Here is how to identify your material. First of all leather feels softer, warmer and more natural. Vinyl will feel colder, stiffer and artificial. One sure way of determining which you have is to look on the underside of the material. If you have a cut or hole all the way through the material, you can just lift a small section and look at the back of the material. if you see a cloth like material that seems to be glued to the backside of the fabric, then you are looking at a piece of vinyl. Sometimes this backing will be white and fuzzy like a cotton material. Leather has no backing of any kind, only a rough or suede looking surface, usually the same color as the material. You do not have to worry, our kits can repair both vinyl and leather!


Can I get help and advice on my repairs?

Yes. We understand the fear and frustration when taking on a new project that you are unfamiliar with. That is why we have an easy to follow manual for you. The repair process is outlined in great detail. You can get help on color matching, the step by step repair processes, and tips and tricks!


How long will it take to get my order?

Your order will be processed within 48 hours. After payment clears, it will be shipped U.S.P.S Priority Mail. Shipping may vary according to destination, but usually within 2 - 3 days in the continental United States.


Can I order replacement items?

Absolutely! Just go to our supplies area on the web-site, and order all of your replacement supplies. If you do not find the item you are looking for, use the contact us page for assistance.


Will the color rub off onto clothing?

No! Our dye is formulated to be as strong as the origional finish. Even if the finish has been wet from water or other liquids, the color will remain fixed and permanent. Once completely cured these dyes are tougher than the origional finish, and not easily removed. When completely dry, you can sit on the dyed area with white pants, and not have to worry about stains!



  Five Step Leather/Vinyl Repair Process:  



  Here we have a 3 inch hole in a vinyl cover.  





 Step #1: We need cut mesh to 1/2 inch larger then the hole. 





  Step #2: We will add our repair compound.   





  Step #3: Compound cured and grain/texture added.  





  Step #4: We add the mini-mesh we cut out in step #1.   





  Step #5: We dye repair (blue) to match color.  


Four Step Process For Vinyl Repair:



  Step #1: One inch rip cleaned and set for repair.  





  Step #2: Repair compound added to fill rip.  





  Step #3: Compound cured, and grain/texture added.   






  Step #4: Repair dyed (black) to match color.  



         Before And After Photo Of A Velour Fabric Repair:



  Hole in velour couch fabric matched with our fabric fibers.  





  Hole repaired using fabric repair process.  



  Carpet Repair Using The Carpet Repair Process:  



  This is a 3 inch rip in a section of carpet.  





  Carpet repaired using our carpet repair process.  



 A Sofa Arm Repaired Using Our Leather Repair Process: 



  Cracking and rips in a bonded leather couch arm.  





  Sofa arm repaired using our leather repair process.  






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